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Chemstore Core Values & Goals

Every person who goes to work each day expects to complete their shift without succumbing to harm. At Chemstore we know in order for this to be possible in industrial environments, every employee should know exactly what hazards exist in their workplace and the knowledge to best manage these risks.

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We firmly believe that every employee should feel safe in the workplace.

From speaking to health & safety professionals a big problem is the lack of awareness and the lack of applications to alleviate the risks with hazardous materials. We are all human and the reality is cognitive dissonance will be evident in your workplace until you change the safety culture. Chemstore’s goal is to help you through that journey in eliminating the risk with hazardous material storage.

Our ultimate goal as an organisation is to eliminate the risks when storing and handling hazardous materials. Chemstore as an organisation want all our valued clients to feel that you have created a safer workplace for your employees and instil pride in your company that it is a safe place to work.

Chemstore Cares More

We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing safe storage solutions for over 23 years and we know that our products are only half of the story. We take pride in building longstanding relationships and on providing the best possible advice, based on a thorough understanding of our customers’ business needs. With us, you’re in safe hands

For us, safety can only be achieved through quality. It’s a standard that everyone at Chemstore strives for, and it runs through everything we do. So we always aim to provide high-quality products, on time, with excellent service and at the lowest cost. And to make sure that we’re on the right track, we’re committed to listening to our customers and to act on their feedback.

We are certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management standard and we’re constantly striving to improve our service whenever we can. Our employees are encouraged to suggest better, safer ways of working, and we believe in maintaining transparent business processes.

It’s a way of working that takes commitment, investment and long-term vision, but the results we deliver and the reassurance that we provide is well worth the effort.