Waste Collection Compounds

Waste Collection Compounds


  • Secure Waste Collection Compound
  • Clinical Waste Compound
  • Chemstore’s Waste Storage Compounds can be fully customised in order to produce the most suitable solution to meet the bespoke requirements of the individual site.
    The designs are fully modular to allow for future expansions or even complete relocations at a later date. The units are also pre-fabricated and installed within 1-5 days on site to minimise disruption.
    The internal layouts can also be fully customised for use with dry or chemical/bio-hazardous storage.
    The covered aisleways keep the operators and all products dry and sheltered inside at all times. The Polycarbonate roofing allows in natural light, as shown below.:

    Internal view of sheltered aisleway

    Personnel areas and office spaces can also be incorporated into each design as can be seen in the picture below. In this case a file records office was created complete with toilet and shower facilities.

    Waste Collection Compound