10 Years Safe Storage and Counting.

The clients requirements

In 2006 AllMaritim supplied a Hazvault, hazardous materials storage solution to Exxon Mobil in Bergen, Norway to enable the compliant safe storage of a very harmful diesel additive. The unit is testament to Chemstore’s product quality and has proved to solve the customer’s storage challenge on site successfully, for over a decade.


Exxon Mobil, contacted AllMaritim & Chemstore in relation to a number of 1000 litre IBC containers which contained a fuel additive that was being used and stored in an ESSO depot in Bergen, Norway. The fuel additive posed a high risk to aquatic life if spilled, and required a solution that would enable the IBC’s to be safely housed in a store with certified secondary containment.allmaritim-logo

Our solution

Exxon Mobil obtained a 4 IBC Hazvault from AllMaritim which was utilized at the Esso depot. The Hazvault is exposed to regular sea spray from the harbour and has withstood harsh environmental conditions impeccably. The Hazvault has enabled the client to store the diesel additive in a safe manner, which enables full spill retention.

Like all Hazvaults the unit is manufactured with a 10-year structural guarantee and when our engineers visited the site in September 2016, it was clear the unit has proved fully fit for purpose and has been an important part of safe storage in the depot for over a decade

The client has since ordered an additional Hazvault for another location onsite.


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