Britvic – Hazvault Bunded Drum & IBC Stores with Roller System & Live Racking

The clients requirements

The initial enquiry came from our client in May 2018. The requirement was for an external storage facility for drums of juices. The client requested a site visit to explore the possibilities & to identify the most suitable area for installation. Our Site Engineer Declan O’Connor responded to our clients request carrying out a Site assessment in May 2018.  Following a walkthrough of the area, a suitable position was identified for the store.  This was convenient for deliveries & also close to the production area.  It was also identified that a double depth unit may be beneficial for capacity.


“As a result of investment in new plant at the Britvic Kylemore factory we needed to release up internal space, which has been used for drum & container storage. Our only option was to find a solution by expanding our external storage, but free-standing drums and containers open to the elements was not an option. Chemstore were able to offer us an economically viable solution with a Hazvault Bunded Store”.




Neil Storey

Engineering Project Manager

  • Corvault Britvic Facility 32 Pallet
  • 32 Pallet Corvault Closed
  • 32 Pallet Corvault Open
  • 32 Pallet Corvault Britvic Facility
  • 32 Pallet Corvault Britvic Facility

Our solution

Chemstore offered the client a 32 Pallet Hazvault Bunded Drum & IBC Store.

The client had identified that a skid type roller system would not be suitable for the pallet type they would be using.  Bearing this in mind a roller racking system was offered as an alternative.

Thanks to our extensive design process & our ability to meet any challenge our clients may face, including delivery to site, our client received a complete unit delivered to the site & ready for use with little to no disruption on their site.

The store was delivered to site, installed in its designated position within 1 hour & in full operational by the end of that day.





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