Bespoke Flammable Liquid Storage Requirement – Firevault Case Study Yves Roche

The clients requirements

Our client Yves Rocher inquired with our Technical Sales Engineer regarding a very bespoke requirement for storage of hazardous chemicals internally within one of the company warehouses. A full site assessment was carried out to determine the exact storage procedures in place for the materials housed in the warehouse. It was identified that the client had a large quantity of flammable chemicals that posed a high risk of fire. A solution was proposed to design and manufacture a bespoke Firevault to safely house the flammable materials with a certified 90 minute fire rating. The Firevault alleviated the risk of storing flammables in the warehouse and also satisfied the insurance audit the company had undergone identifying the flammables as a concern. Chemstore were again able to enable our client the eliminate the risk storing flammables on site.

Custom Firevault – Warehouse Store Specification 



Level 1:            24 – 26 Trolleys on floor level.

Level 2:            Pallet Space of 1250mm high clearance



Level 1:    Checker plate floor to level 1 for trolley access. Hinged ramp fitted

Level 2:   Shelving constructed from parallel, 50x50mm box section steel, fully welded.


Dimensions: (W) 6,900mm x (D) 3,000mm x (H) 3,300mm


  • The image illustrates the existing racking the client was using for storing flammables in the warehouse
  • Illustration of phase 1 of the construction of the Firevault on the client site.
  • Image illustrates the final stages of assembly on the clients site.
  • Image illustrates the finish of the Firevault

Our solution

From the start of this project the professionalism and expertise of Chemstore was evident. We had impressive engagement from the design phase to installation and excellent follow up.

The store is designed to contain our flammable chemicals. It is a requirement of our insurers and has achieved this perfectly.

The installation team, Mark and Tommy, were extremely competent and understood perfectly the regulations/standards of safety, GMP, etc. within our factory. This team were also very flexible and did not cause any downtime during the installation.

Chemstore also have a novel feature whereby all certificates pertaining to the unit are stored in the cloud and can be accessed any time by scanning a barcode on the store using a smartphone.

This eliminates the need for hardcopies.

I would highly recommend Chemstore as a supplier.

Donal Greene 

Logistics Manager

Yves Rocher Manufacturing (Ireland)

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