Firevault – Solutions for Flammables

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With nearly three decades experience in the design manufacture and implementation of safety storage systems for hazardous materials, We know from speaking to our clients that the most prevalent risk has always been in the storage of flammables. Whether it be the HSE, EPA or even company insurers carrying out assessments on your site, it will always be the risk of fire that is given the highest priority. The Firevault enables you to obtain the highest level of safety and protection when storing flammable materials. Whether you’re looking for a large Firevault for the storage of drums and IBCs, a walk-in Firevault or you need something manufactured specifically to meet your needs, Chemstore can fulfil your requirements.

Firevault – Flammable Material Storage Solutions

Firevault units can be manufactured to suit bespoke site-specific requirements.

We can, therefore, offer a complete customisation service at no additional cost. Options include:

  • Pallet stores
  • Walk-In stores
  • Small container stores
  • Combination stores
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Power outlet sockets
  • Electrostatic management systems
  • Forced extraction systems
  • Extraction airflow alarms
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Smoke/fire detection systems
  • Fume scrubbing systems
Firevault – Walk In Fire Rated Store

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Walk In Fire Rated Store

The FireVault storage module provides the highest level of safety instantly for the secure storage of all flammable materials. All areas of industry currently employ flammables in their processes. and   rom petroleum products to industrial chemicals.

Manufactured to the highest standards utilising only those fireproofing materials, which have been tested to BS 476, part 22, FireVault Stores comply with all relevant Health & Safety Regulations, Insurance requirements and environmental standards such as IS310, ISO 14001, EMAS and IPC licensing.

Standard features include, full width spillage collection sumps, up to 5 hour fire rated composite wall panels, insulated self-closing doors, intumescent ventilation panels, fixed shelving, anti-static grounding connections, fully welded, leak tested bunds, galvanized grid mesh floors. A range of optional extras are also available for the Firevault units including ex-rated electrical fittings.         

All Firevault units are delivered to site fully assembled and ready for immediate use. No special site works are required and at any future time, they can easily be relocated by forklift truck or crane, thereby offering excellent flexibility.
The most common Firevaults are the Walk In Stores used for small container storage (25L cans, Winchesters etc).

Fire Rated Store features

  • 1, 2 or 4 hour fire rated cladding fitted on all sides.
  • Self-closing door mechanisms and internally overriding door locks fitted to all units
  • Fire-rated intumescent air vents fitted at high and low level to ensure excellent natural airflow
  • Fire rated door seals fitted throughout
  • Electrostatic management system installed to prevent static sparking from igniting flammable vapours
  • All electrical equipment fully ATEX rated and installed by a Compex certified engineer
  • Forced extraction system available
  • Constructed from fully welded steel box section throughout
  • Fully welded and leak tested bunding underneath floor level
  • Single or double access doors available
  • Fixed or adjustable shelving fitted
Hazvault Walk In Stores
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In all areas of industry there is an ever increasing need for adequate and compliant storage of hazardous materials even in small volumes. When dealing with hazardous materials it is important to ensure compliance with government legislation regarding pollution prevention,  fire risk and general safe practice.
 For storage of non-palletised loads and smaller containers or as a bunded work room for decanting or weighing operations, we recommend our Hazvault Walk In Stores.



  • Fully bunded
  • Capacities in excess of EPA recommendations
  • Delivery to site fully assembled. Easily relocated
  • Range of standard sizes.
  • Can be manufactured to customer dimensions
  • Fully secure
  • Fixed or adjustable shelving
  • If required, double access doors can allow pallet to be placed in aisle
  • Choice of finishes, colour options
  • Fully ventilated, optional electrical extraction
  • Single skin or insulated construction
  • Optional lighting, heating etc.


Temperature Controlled Stores – Thermovault

Thermovault logo white temperature controlled stores

A very common problem our clients have is maintaining valuable product and process chemicals within the correct temperature range for optimum safety and performance. This is where our Thermovault, a completely temperature controlled store, provides the solution.

Valuable time is lost in waiting for chemicals to be heated to performance temperatures and also product is fouled by exposure to incorrect temperatures.

Thermovault stores are stand-alone relocatable, insulated and temperature controlled stores which are designed to provide secure, controlled storage for temperature sensitive materials. We offer a full range of sizes together with heating and cooling options. Depending on the hazardous material being stored by reviewing the SDS sheet Chemstore can provide the required storage temperature to alleviate any hazard presented by storing materials on site.

We also offer drum & IBC’s enclosures designed to heat the contents of standard drums and IBC’s from freezing or ambient to your required processing temperature.


Thermovault – Temperature Controlled Stores Key Features:

  • Full range of sizes and temperature ranges.
  • Full technical advice and Design Service: manufactured to customers specific requirements.
  • Fully adjustable. Set temperature band (e.g. 0–600C) or maximum/minimum allowable temperature.
  • LCD temperature display and printout.
  • High levels of insulation.
  • Audible alarm and beacon.
  • Full operator safety features.
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor location.
  • Delivered to site fully assembled, minimal lead time.
  • Electric or steam heat source.
  • Internal recirculation fan ensures even distribution of heated air.
  • Explosion protected electrical apparatus (suitable for Zone 1 & 2).
  • Fully bunded.
  • Stainless steel or galvanised interior.

Read more about Thermovault, the ultimate solution in temperature controlled stores by checking out pdf brochure here:

You can read up on a case study where Chemstore installed a temperature controlled warehouse for BASF by clicking here.

To learn more about Chemstore’s Thermovault range or any other Chemstore product for the safe storage of chemicals and hazardous materials, don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.

Mobile Cabinets

Our Mobile Cabinets offer a versatile heavy duty storage solution.

  • Fully welded construction from 1.2mm thick steel sheet
  • Reinforced double doors mounted on heavy duty continuous hinges
  • Secured by flush fitting non snag 3 way locking handle
  • Mounted on 2 fixed and 2 swivel braked castors
  • Bolt in adjustable shelves
  • Extra shelves available