EN14470-1 Q 90 Fire Rated Cabinet

Fire Rated Cabinet for flammables

EN14470-1 certified

90 minutes fire-resistant
Choice of Door Colour:

  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue

W x D x H (mm): 1193 x 615 x 1953

3 height adjustable shelves and bottom collecting sump
Integrated transport base, cylinder lock (replaceable)
Door mechanics outside the storage compartment for
increased corrosion protection

Cabinets certified to:

  • EN 14470-1
  • FM 6050
  • EN 14727
  • GS-Mark  CE

The cabinets are available in three sizes, with optional fittings and wing or folding doors. They are ideal for both industrial or laboratory use as tall or underbench cabinets, e.g. installed under fume cupboards. Every asecos safety storage cabinet can be connected to a ventilation system if required.

The asecos range of fire rated cabinets for internal storage of hazardous materials are a market leading innovative solutions. Chemstore are the preferred supplier for asecos in Ireland and the UK.

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If you require something larger than a fire rated cabinet for the safe storage of flammable material check out out Firevault range by clicking HERE.

EN14470-1 Fire Rated Gas Cylinder Cabinets

G90 Gas Cylinder Cabinets

Large interior height –

Large, rigidly fixed rolling ramp made of corrugated sheet steel – High safety when manoeuvering cylinders into the cabinet, dampened folding down, lightweight, convenient installation of pressure gas bottles in the cabinet

Locking mechanism with cylinder lock – The cabinets can be integrated into existing master-key systems

Safe installation – No additional insulation of the pipes needed inside or outside

Ventilation – Complete uniform ventilation inside the cabinet (floor and ceiling). Pressure drop below 150 Pa by extraction of the air with a 120-times change of air. Successfully approved by testing.

Completely accessible internal space – Door opening angle max. 180°, the doors lock in place at 0° and are can be arrested at 90°

Cylinder retainer with ratchet straps – Across the whole width of the cabinet. Distance between the cylinders and the rear panel, give plenty of space for the flexible spiral piping. Safe and approved storing of gas cylinders in accordance with EN 14470-2

Observance of max. allowed increase in temperature on the valve of the gas cylinder of 50 K after 90 Minutes in accordance with EN 14470-2
Easy and convenient installations of gas fittings and pipes

EN14470-1 Fire Rated Combi Cabinets

Combi-Cabinets Type 90

Asecos combi-cabinets enable centralised storage of hazardous material and gas cylinders directly in the workroom.

Fire resistant dividing wall
90 minute fire resistance separates both compartments

One central extraction air inlet –
Ventilation of both cabinet compartments with one extraction air inlet on top of the cabinet

Adjusting aids –
Integrated at the bottom of the cabinet. Easy alignment of the cabinets from the inside to compensate for uneven floor.

Automatic-Door-Opening System for high convenience in use and safety! (for details see following page)

Integrated door open arrest system –
The arrested doors enable you to safely store or remove goods in the cabinet

Multifunctional application –
Fully extractable drawers with high storage capacities, ideal for storage of smaller containers or height adjustable shelves

Compartment TRG with…
Fold-away ramp –
Dampened folding down, safe manoeuvering of gas cylinders into the cabinet

Cylinder retainer –
Across the whole width of the cabinet, gives plenty of space for the flexible spiral piping

Corrosive Cabinets

Chemstore Corrosive Cabinets are offered in a complete range of sizes and specifications for the safe storage of aggressive substances in Laboratories, Surgeries & Production areas. Our cabinets are purpose designed non- metallic products using highly chemical resistant materials to offer safe, long life solutions for storing aggressive substances. Suitable for storing Nitric, Sulphuric and Hydrochloric Acid and Phenol. Available with drawers or shelves.Ventilation packs also avilable to safely manage fumes and emisions in the cabinets.

We also offer custom built solutions designed specifically for your site.


  • Construction: Outer sheet steel plastic laminated and inner melamine coated special workplates (tall cabinets) and outer and inner melamine coated special workplates (underbench cabinets). Both kinds with a high chemical resistance.
  • Storage: Two hermetically separated storage compartments to segregate acids and bases.
  • Ventilation: Corrosion proof, metal free air ducts. Permanent ventilation via only one extraction air  inlet at the top of the cabinet (at the back in underbench cabinets).
  • Spillage Protection: Sturdy construction drawers with high chemical resistance plastic sump.
  • Access: Wing doors with can be used and locked separately. Opening more than 90o.
  • Locking Mechanism: Entire door locking mechanism outside the storage compartment, increassed protection of moving and safety relevant components against corrosion. All around plastic seals prevent dangerous vapours escaping from the inside of the cabinet.
  • Signage: All cabinets carry clearly visible warning signs fitted of the front door of the cabinet

Metal Acid Cabinets- For non aggressive Acids

For the safe storage of mild acids.Not suitable for sulphuric acid or phenol. If these products are to be stored, please refer to the Cabinets above contact our Sales Department and a suitable containment method will be proposed.


  • Construction: Robust steel construction
  • Finish: Chemical resistant polyesterpowder coat paint finish
  • Colour: Standard colour White. Other colour options upon request (surcharge)
  • Access: Double leaf hinge doors with full-length finger pull-handles
  • Security: Key activated two-point espagnolette locking mechanism
  • Internal storage: Fully adjustable reinforced mild steel shelves. 14 kgs load capacity per shelf
  • Spillage protection: Steel spillage collection tray in base of tray.
  • Signage: All cabinets carry clearly visible warning signs fitted to the front doors of cabinet
Visible Storage Cabinets

Sheet Steel Viewcab Visible Cabinets

Chemstore range of sheet steel cabinets are suitable for most working environments e.g, offices, museums, laboratories, schools, factories..

  • Full area viewing panel available in 6mm laminated safety glass (BS6206) or tough polycarbonate doors
  • Chrome lever locking handle with semi-concealed internal mechanism.
  • Units can be double skinned with concealed adjustable feet and extra seals added to meet museum or special specification
  • Available with either steel adjustable shelves (capacity 75 Kg per shelf UDL) or laminated glass shelves (capacity 50 Kg per shelf UDL)
  • Full choice of colours available.

Stainless Steel Viewcab

Constructed in 304 quality stainless steel sheet with reinforced base, mounted on 125mm diameter non marking rubber tyred stainless steel castors – 2 fixed and 2 swivel brakes. The trucks are fitted with 3 adjustable flat stainless steel shelves – reversible to form leak proof adjustable trays (adjustment at 50 mm centres). The shelf capacity is 50 kilos and the truck assembly has a dull polish finish. Two options available.

  • Double skin stainless steel doors fitted with maximum area viewing panels
  • Side mounted pull handles
  • Non marking rubber tyred stainless steel castors
  • Adjustable shelves / reversible leak proof trays
Roller Cabinets

Chemstore Heavy Duty Roller Shutter Cabinets are secure storage facilities for high value items.

  • Construction: Heavy duty welded construction in 1.2mm thick sheet steel
  • Roller Shutter Door: Counter balanced galvanised steel roller shutter door, secured by matching heavy duty pin locks.
  • Custom Design Units: Special sizes and accessory configurations are available to suit an exact storage requirement.
  • Colour Options: All internal accessories are epoxy polyester powder coated Mid Grey RAL 7001. Carcase colour options available.
Mobile Cabinets

Our Mobile Cabinets offer a versatile heavy duty storage solution.

  • Fully welded construction from 1.2mm thick steel sheet
  • Reinforced double doors mounted on heavy duty continuous hinges
  • Secured by flush fitting non snag 3 way locking handle
  • Mounted on 2 fixed and 2 swivel braked castors
  • Bolt in adjustable shelves
  • Extra shelves available
Versatile Storage Cabinet

Our high-quality Versatile Storage Cabinet (with lockable door) anufactured from durable polyethylene is unique to the marketplace due to the inclusion of its 18-litre top tray bund suitable for dispensing or a temporary bund, ensuring the unit can be used for a multitude of purposes across a wide range of industries.  Suitable for situations where you need to contain damaged or leaking small containers.


With this versatility in mind, these cabinets are available in yellow, blue, red, green & white colour options available dependent on your requirement.  Some examples as per below.

Yellow – to hold absorbents / storing chemicals.

White – to house first aid items / coveralls around a safety shower etc.

Red – to house flammables.

Grey – to house COSHH products / materials.


With controlled access via the lockable door you can keep cleaning materials, absorbents or PPE items within easy reach of the production line, dosing point, or maintenance area. Available in a variety of colours.


Whether your customers are within the manufacturing, facilities management, construction, equestrian or agriculture sectors, this polyethylene cabinet, with lockable door and height adjustable shelf, can be used to:

  • Store cleaning or maintenance products.
  • Keep PPE near to hand.
  • Temporarily store damaged or leaking containers.
  • Securely store chemicals, batteries or paint.
  • Provide a workstation on a production line.
  • Catch spills from any contents held inside safely.
  • Provide a secure storage solution.
  • Great effect in the food industry, due to their easy-to-clean nature in addition to being lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

3 Year Guarantee