Steel Salvage Drums

Style: Open head with lever locking ring
Regulations: UN 1A2T/Y320/S and UN 1A2/X440/S

Drum Funnels

Universal Poly-Drum Funnel, Part No. 3004-YE

Fits both closed-head and open-head 55-gallon drums, and other containers. Just set it and forget it. Exclusive features include patented scalloped design, high side wall and bung fitting holders. Add the optional cover for more value!

Universal Poly-Drum Safety Funnel, Part No. 3004-YE-SF

All the same features as the Universal Poly-Drum Funnel plus a non-sparking safety bung closure with flame arrestor. Ideal for flammable liquids.

Universal Poly-Drum Funnel Cover, Part No. 3040-YE

Optional lockable cover (lock not included) for use with Part No. 3004-YE and 3004-YE-SF. A snap to install with all necessary hardware and instructions included.