IBC Spill Pallet (for flammables)

IBC Spill Pallets

All welded 3.0mm steel spill pallets

  • Fully mobile, can be used to transport IBC’s
  • Option of raised platform for decanting
  • Corrosion resistant polyurethane paint finish
  • Removable galvanised grid mesh floor
Winchester Cabinets

Chemstore Environmental Winchester Transporters provide you with a safe way to transport and protect your chemical products as well as safe place for storage

IBC Spill Pallets for corrosives
  • Safely stores all 1000L IBC types without need for additional pallet supports.
  • Medium Density Polyethylene “one-piece” construction.
  • High chemical resistance.
  • Next day delivery on all units.
  • All units are fully tested and certified.
  • Units can be fork lifted from the front and the side.
  • Delivery charges vary depending on location.
  • Built in platform for easy filling of small containers.
  • All spill pallets are in excess of 25% and 110% EPA regulations.
  • Weatherproof rain covers available for all spill pallets.

IBC Spill Pallet – ENPAC 2000i

Robust, Corrosion resistant polyethylene IBC bund with extra large 1500 litre retention capacity.

  • Stores all IBC types
  • 1500 litre sump capacity
  • 5400 kg load bearing capacity allows stacking of IBC’s
  • UV stabilised for external use
  • Built in platform for easy filling of small containers
  • 1850 x 1850 x 670mm
  • Acid resistant polyethylene construction

Spill Pallet (for flammables)

Robust all welded 3.0 mm steel spill pallets designed to provide economical, secondary containment for 200 litre drums and smaller containers.

Standard features:

  • Suitable for flammable liquids, oils and non-corrosive substances
  • All welded, leak tested sumps with capacities in excess of current EPA guidelines
  • 2 coat, anti-corrosive polyurethane paint system
  • Fully galvanised steel option also available
  • Removable galvanised grid mesh floor
  • Drain valve (optional)
  • For spillage protection during transport & storage
  • Can be used with standard pallet trucks and fork lift trucks
Vertical Drum Stands

Chemstore Vertical Drum Stands are fitted with steel side panels which provide additional protection against damage to drums and subsequent spillages, particularly during transit.

For prolonged external use and added security, the Vertical Stands can be fully enclosed with hinged access doors and gas strut assisted, hinged top panel.

Dispensing Stations

Dispensing Station – Polyethylene

Poly Racker/Stacker

  •  Corrosion resistant polyethylene drum stacker.
  •  370 litre sump captures spills and drips from taps.
  •  Up to 6 x 200 litre drums an be stacked on the system

Mini Poly Rack & Stack System
The Mini Poly Rack System is designed for use with 25 litre drums or containers and has a patented enclosed sump, with a wheeled option available. This unit helps contain liquid or product that is lost during the dispensing process, keeping liquid off the factory floor to help ensure employee safety.

  • Highly durable and chemically compatible polyethylene
  • Rack base unit (25 litre drums) with a Stack unit
  • Mobile version fitted with a handle for ease of mobility

Dispensing Stations – Steel

Fully welded framework allows drums to be stored horizontally above the sump to enable decanting of drum contents into smaller containers.

Any drips from taps are captured in the bund below.
Available with three side walls as standard or fully enclosed with lockable doors and ventilation ports.

As an option the drum stands can be supplied with rollers which requires less accurate positioning of drums.  Drums can be rotated on rollers to correct position.

Bunded Drum Trolleys

Bunded Drum Trolleys

Poly Dolly

  • Ergonomic design enables easy transportation of 200 litre drums and tilting to create dispensing station
  • 1750 x 810 x 685 mm
  • Max load 270 kg

Poly Scooter

  • Ideal for transporting a 200L drum across workfloors.
  • 40 litre sump capacity captures low volume leaks caused during pump tranfer, etc.
  • Suitable for temporatry bunding while drum is being transported
  • Optional pull handle

Poly Spill Cart

  • Light weight sturdy spill cart for transportation of drums, batteries, machine parts, tools, etc.

Bunded drum trolley and dispensing station. 300 litre sump capacity

Bunded Drum Trolleys – Steel

Bunded drum trolleys are ideal for transporting drums around your plant, for decanting of materials or collection of waste oils.

  • Robust all welded steel construction
  • Fully leak tested bunds
  • Two fixed and two swivel heavy duty castors
  • Brake on rear castors
  • Polyurethane paint finish
  • Safety strap holds drum in position during transport