Ground Level Stores

Ground Level Stores

16DSD Bunded Chemstore - All Steel Finish16DSD-WI Bunded Chemstore Cladded Finish


Delivered to site fully assembled, Chemstore’s Bunded Multi Drum Storage Units provide an immediate solution to the problems encountered in complying with environmental legislation while storing large quantities of drums or IBCs. The Chemstore units are available in a range of size and storage options and can be customised to suit your particular storage requirements.


  • Stores Drums and IBC’s.
  • Fully weather-proof and secure.
  • Delivered to site fully assembled.
  • Flexibility: Easily relocated by forklift truck.
  • Huge ranges of sizes.
  • Fully bunded. Bund capacities in excess of legislation, and EPA Guidelines.
  • Acid resistant polyethylene bunds fitted as standard (Optional extra on models 4DSD and 8DSD-2T).
  • Entire wall panels louvred for maximum ventilation.
  • Robust all welded steel construction.
  • Short lead times: Delivery to site 3-4 weeks from order.
  • No site works required.
  • Provides full compliance with environmental standards/legislation of insurance requirements.
  • Large volume bund’s enable storage of IBCs.
  • Fully secure for external use.

Stores, 8 x 200 litre drums/2 Pallets/2 x 1000
Litre IBC’s

  • Walk In Store (2 pallets /IBC’s on floor level).
  • 2100mm Internal height allows operator access to drums for mixing, pumping, Sampling etc.
  • Extra Shelf for Storage of Smaller drums/misc.
  • 450L Bund (1200 L for IBC Storage)
  • Polyurethane coated steel bund (Optional Polyethylene Bund).
  • DIMS: L x W x H: 3200 x 1900 x 2630 mm


  • Two level storage (1 pallet /IBC per shelf).
  • 450 L Polyethylene Bund (1200 L for IBC Storage). (optional polyurethane coated steel bund).
  • DIMS: L x W x H: 1680 x 1830 x 3000 mm

Stores: 16 x 200 Litre Drums/4 Pallets/4 x 1000 litre IBCS.


  • Two Tier Store 16 DSD (2pallets/IBC’s per shelf level)
  • 1200 Litre Polyethylene Bund(optional coated steel bund)
  • DIMS: L x W x H
  • 3200 x 1900 x 3430 mm


  • Walk In Store.
  • 2100mm Internal height allows operator access to drums for mixing, pumping, Sampling etc.
  • 4 pallets /IBC’s on floor level.
  • Extra Shelf for Storage of Smaller drums.
  • 900 Litre Polyethylene Bund (2400 litre for IBC Storage)(optional coated steel bund).
  • DIMS: L x W x H
  • 5900 x 1900 x 2630 mm