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Spill Pallets and Bunded Trolleys

Spill Pallets and Bunded Trolleys

The Chemstore range of spill pallets are designed to deliver maximum leak and drip catching advantages. Spill pallets are available in an range of dimensions, strengths and configurations. All units are fully tested and certified to exceed current EPA guidelines. Chemstore carry out a full Bund Integrity test on each spill pallet and each pallet is certified for 3 years before a retest is required by our specialist team.

Our fully trained team can provide consultation to you regarding the storage requirements for any Hazardous Material you are required to store on a Spill Pallet.  Depending on chemical composition you may require our steel or poly range of Spill Pallets.

In order to determine what capacity Spill Pallet you require, Chemstore abide by the regulation of the 110% rule. This rule requires you to utilise a spill pallet that has a bund capacity volume which is 110% the capacity of the largest storage vessel that will be stored on the spill pallet.

Spill Pallets are an essential hazardous spill containment vessel and do mitigate both accidents and loss in the workplace. For more information and advice please contact a member of the Chemstore team at or 0800 028 2531