Q. Is planning permission required, and are the stores modular?
A. All Chemstore units are fully modular which avoids the requirement for planning permission or the need civil works on your site.
Q. What is a bund, and what is the capacity required?
A. bund is defined as a secondary containment system for any storage vessel. When storing a hazardous material you are required by the PPG (Pollution Prevention Guidelines) to store vessels on or in a secondary containment system.
In the UK & Ireland the legal requirement is that the certified bund should contain 110% of the largest vessel of materials being stored or 25% of the total volume.
For example if you are storing 4no. 200L drums of methanol, the bund capacity needs to be 220L capacity (110% rule).
Q. How quick can I get a Chemstore to my site?
A. All the Chemstore standard range of units can be designed fabricated and delivered to your site in 4 weeks.
Q. Can you finish Chemstores to match our site colours?
A. Chemstore’s design and finishing team can provide a Chemstore to any RAL colour depending on your site requirements.
Q. Is the bund material suitable for the materials I am storing, as I have had problems with corrosion in the past?
A. From speaking to our clients it is one of the most common problems we hear about. Previous suppliers provide an unfit for purpose store which is incompatible with the hazardous material being stored. All Chemstore engineers will take the time to consult the SDS sheets of each material you are looking to store and provide a compatible solution.
Q. What accreditations have Chemstore got?
A. Here at Chemstore we are constantly striving to improve the level of service to our valued customers. That’s why we are proud of the following high level accreditations:
• ISO 9001:2008.
• FPAL member.
• BSIF member.
• IMO / FTP Exova Warrington certified fire rated panel manufacturer.
• DNVGL 2.7-2 certified manufacturer.
• Chemstore’s electrical engineers are CompEx certified.
Q. Can you manufacture a Chemstore with bespoke dimensions to suit my site layout?
A. From over 23 years’ experience working closely with our clients we know that every site will have specific requirements. That’s why we take the time ensure the best possible service by visiting your site to assess your exact hazardous material storage requirements.
As all our sales team are engineers we then can tailor the dimensions of our stores to provide a bespoke solution for you.
Q. When do I need to use a fire rated store instead of a standard steel unit?
A. As storing flammable materials on your site poses the greatest risk to the wellbeing of your co-workers and safety of your site, you need to ensure you are compliant.
HSE guidance document HS (G) 51 & DSEAR regulations differentiate the requirement for flameproof or a fully fire rated store (FireVault).
Considerations include:
• Distance from boundary fences/walkways/points of entry on your site.
• Quantity of flammables being stored
• Flash point of the materials being stored.

Talk to one of our experts today for guidance and a compliant solution.

Q. Is delivery and offloading included with your site proposal?
A. Another issue we hear from our clients is delivery conditions and how prepared each site is for accepting stores to their facility. In light of this Chemstore have taken an extra step to help our clients prepare for delivery of our units. All of our site engineers now issue a “Delivery & Installation Information” document which will finalise details on requirements for the delivery of a Chemstore unit to your site.

  • Hi-AB offloading
  • Spatial requirements for delivery truck
  • Site restrictions and banksman requirements.

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