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Storage Requirements: 


Chemstore were asked to provide a solution for the onsite storage of 2 IBC’s containing highly corrosive sulphuric acid. The IBC’s need to be pumped from the store into the production area. It also required a ladder & walkway for access to the top of the IBC’s.


The pictures below clearly show that there is a large amount of corrosion to the bottom of the store this was due to the pump being transferred from one IBC to the other and left dangling to the front of the store. The internal area had to be completely plastic lined to avoid any corrosion damage. The bunding at the base need to be corrosion resistant and have a capacity of 110% of the largest container being stored.


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Our Solution


The Chemstore proposal included storage of 2 IBC’s stored plastic shelf level. The product is to be stored on 1 level and a center aisle to provide access to the top of the IBC’s. Access is to be twin hinged fully sealed doors. The entire unit offers a corrosion resistance to the chemical being stored.


The solution offers the following spec:


  • Plastisol Coated Cladding – corrosion resistant
  • Enviroclad Internally
  • Corrosive Resistant Poly Sumps 110% of largest vessel being stored.
  • Plastic Cladding on steel handrail & ladder access
  • Safety Signage in accordance with BS EN 14470-1


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