White House EO to Improve Safety and Security at Chemical Plants

September 2, 2013

imagesIn a Executive Order statement released by the White House earlier this month a number of key priorities are set to be enforced to improve safety and security at chemical plants across the United States.

As a result of the devastating blast at a Texas Fertilising Plant back in April, the US Government have made the following orders and its only a matter of time before the UK and Ireland follow suit.



Here are just some of the main points in the Executive Order:Texas Fire   

  • Establishment of the Chemical Facility Safety and Security Working Group
  • Improving Operational Coordination with State, Local, and Tribal Partners
  • Enhanced Federal Coordination
  • Enhanced Information Collection and Sharing
  • Policy, Regulation, and Standards Modernisation
  • Identification of Best Practices
  • General Provisions

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Read Original While House Statement Here

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