Get the Latest White Paper on Lithium-Ion Battery Storage

Are you concerned about lithium-ion battery storage? The health and safety requirements and insurance costs?

Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Can Be Dangerous
The advantages of lithium-ion batteries are clear to see. At the same time, lithium is a very reactive metal. This poses a permanent risk of undesirable reactions, which are usually very violent. This can result in the release of dangerous acids as well as being a fire hazard when stored incorrectly.
A Safe Workplace
Learn how to safely and correctly store lithium-ion batteries for a risk-free and safe work environment.
Save Money on Insurance

Insurers are very aware of the risks posed by lithium and your solution and risk assessments will reduce those risks.


Lithium-Ion Safety Checklist

In this White Paper, you will find a fire protection safety checklist for lithium-ion battery storage. Learn what you are doing wrong, doing right, and most importantly, where you can improve.

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