Chemstore Collaborates With Limerick Suicide Watch

May 30, 2023

Join us as we share an important story of Chemstore’s charity project in collaboration with Limerick Suicide Watch (LSW)

In 2022, we were approached by the inspiring team in LSW with a special request: to design and build critical equipment enclosures fixed with recharging stations for their new emergency response remote-controlled life buoys along the River Shannon in Limerick.

The project was officially launched last week in Howley’s Quay.
We invite you to witness how Chemstore and a group of dedicated local companies joined forces, donating their time and effort to create these life-saving units.

Through collaboration, innovation, and community spirit, we provided Limerick Suicide Watch with the equipment they needed to enhance their emergency response capabilities for those most in need.

The video showcases the dedication, expertise, and passion that went into this project from the local community, capturing the essence of the teamwork and collective effort involved.

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