Chemstore Have Gone Solar!

September 19, 2023

🌞🌱 Exciting News from Chemstore: We’ve Gone Solar! 🌱🌞

We are thrilled to announce that Chemstore has taken a giant leap toward a greener and more sustainable future!

We have successfully converted most of our energy supply to solar power by installing 200 state-of-the-art solar panels and twin 30 kVA inverters. This milestone reinforces our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing positively to the environment.

Becoming a member of the nationalΒ ESBΒ mini-generation pilot scheme has been a significant achievement for Chemstore. Not only are we harnessing the sun’s power to meet our energy needs, but we are also now able to supply green energy back to the grid, empowering our community to benefit from clean and renewable resources.

By embracing solar energy, Chemstore has embarked on a path towards greater sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our solar initiative is a testament to our dedication to innovation, corporate responsibility, and a greener future for all.

Special mention toΒ F4energy Integration Ltd, who supplied and installed state-of-the-art equipment and managed the whole process seamlessly, dealing with all stakeholders.

At Chemstore, we firmly believe that businesses have a critical role in tackling climate change, and we are proud to set an example for others in the industry. By going solar, we are securing a sustainable future for our company and positively impacting the global fight against climate change.


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