Chemstore Joins NISO

February 5, 2020

Chemstore is proud to join NISO



About the National Irish Safety Organisation

Image depciting Chemstore's membership of NISO


NISO Mission Statement:


“To create the conditions where Irish workplaces are among the safest and healthiest in Europe through;

  • the provision of leading information, advisory and training services.
  • The promotion of a culture of excellence in workplace health and safety.
  • Playing a leading role in advancing the national health and safety agenda.
  • Helping members develop a culture of health and safety in their workplace.”


Chemstore are excited to partake in the many events planned in 2020 including the;

  • National Safety Conference
  • The All Ireland Safety Quiz
  • We will also be entering the safety awards

Find out more here by visiting Niso Events


Image depicting Chemstore joining NISO

Chemstore Joins NISO

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