IBC Drum Heating Jackets | Insulated Drum Jackets

January 28, 2014

Whether you want to simply heat and maintain the temperature of drum contents or, melt and reduce the viscosity of your product, Chemstore has a wide range of options in flexible Drum heating jackets for you to choose from.

IBC Drum Heater, Barrell Heating Jacket

Our range of drum and IBC heating products offer minimum power consumption and maximum effectiveness with materials of the highest quality used in manufacture.

At Chemstore we have a comprehensive range of drum heating jackets with the ability to heat drums from 25 Litres to 200 Litres capacity. With temperature ranges of 0ºC – 40ºC, 0C – 90ºC, and 0ºC – 200ºC, we have a solution to any drum heating issues.

We can also provide simple, but highly effective Insulated drum jackets which can be used in conjunction with our base drum heater, another ideal option to melt or reduce the viscosity of your drum contents.

1000 Litre IBC heating jacketsChemstore also have 1000 L IBC heating jackets with thermostats ranging from 0ºC – 90C.
Not alone can Chemstore offer conventional Heating jackets, but we can also provide ATEX rated solutions with a protection grade of IP 65

Why not contact one of experienced technical sales agents who can offer further details of our entire range of heating jackets and blankets.

Ireland: sales@chemstore.ie Phone: 061 327792
UK: sales@chemstore.co.uk Phone: 208 704 1807

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