Chemstore Newsletter September 2012

November 9, 2012

Welcome To Chemstore’s September 2012 Newsletter

ATEX 137 Directive

atex newsletter imageThe Atex 137 Directive and the safety aspects of the Chemical Agents Directive (CAD) require that the employer demonstrate that he/she has taken all the technical and organisational meausres’ to reduce the risk from unsafe storage, handling/transport and use of hazardous substances as much as is reasonably practicable.

The Directives require that the risks to employees and others, whose safety may be affected by the use or presence of dangerous substances at work, are adequately assessed and how the risk from dangerous substances should be eliminated or reduced.

Chemstore’s proven track record in the production and supply of fully ATEX rated products and services will enable your company to achieve compliance with the European Directive.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of Atex Ratings

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Is your company or facility prepared for emergency spill containment?

Spill Kit Image (2)Any spills in the work place can be the cause of major upheaval, and the ability to deal swiftly and efficiently with these spills will ensure the impact will be kept to a minimum.
One of the quickest and easiest solutions to small and medium spills is to ensure that your facility is equipped with Spill Kits.

At Chemstore, we stock an extensive range of Spill Kits to deal with spills of all types from Oil, Chemical and Non Hazardous Substances.

Our range of Spill Kits begin with a compact 30 litre unit through to a 1200 Litre kit which contains enough absorbents to clean up a medium to large spill.

All facilities should have a spill response plan in place to comply with National and EU legislation, and this includes the provision of suitable spill kits. So why not get in contact with any of our staff, who will be happy to advise you in your Spill Response requirements.

We have reduced our Spill Kit Price range for the Autumn months to help your company comply with these regulations.

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