3.0 Flamstore: Walk-In Store for Flammables

External Storage for a bulk quantity of Hand Sanitiser (Non Fire Rated).

Segregation Distances advised: for up to 1000 litres of flammable liquid, the unit can be placed within 2 metres from occupied buildings, boundaries, process units, flammable liquid tanks of fixed ignition sources.


Sanitiser Store 3.0


Overall dimensions: 3,000L x 2,000W x 2,300H mm


Access: Single hinged door on the short side of the unit. Fully key-lockable.

Doors are fully lockable.

Storage: 2 no. 500 mm shelves on the internal side and rear walls of the unit


Sumps: Corrosion resistant steel sump tray fitted under floor level. Total Capacity: 1,000L (exceeds current Environmental guidelines, 25% of the total volume and 110% of the single largest volume).


Bund Test Certificates are issued with each unit.


Flooring: Shelves and floor finished with fully galvanised grid decking for storage of loose containers.


Ventilation: Aluminium louvres at high and low level ensure proper ventilation throughout to prevent a build-up of harmful flammable vapours.


Finish: All steel coated with 2 pack anti-corrosive epoxy paint system. Standard colour: RED


Lifting: Unit is fitted with forklift channels and roof-fixed crane lifting points to allow for easy unloading and relocation if required.


Signage: Flammable CLP Signage fitted as standard