3M Walk-In Firevault: 90 Minute Certified Fire Rated Store

External Storage: for storing of multiple small containers 1000 litres +.


Overall Dimensions: (W) 3100mm x (D) 2600mm x (H) 2650mm


Construction: Robust all welded 100x50mm steel box section sub-frame.


Storage: 500mm deep, fixed storage shelves fitted on sides of unit to allow storage of small containers.


Sump: Fully welded and leak tested, corrosion resistant coated, steel sumps fitted under floor level, capacity 1000L (exceeds current EPA guidelines which state that the bund capacity should be a minimum of 25% of the total volume to be stored).


Floor: Removable hot dipped galvanized grid mesh floor and shelves.


Lifting: Unit is fitted with forklift channels or roof-fixed crane lifting points to allow for easy unloading and relocation if required.


Access: Single hinged fire rated access door fitted with key-lock and self-closing mechanisms.


Ventilation: 4 no. intumescent ventilation Pyrogrilles fitted as standard at high and low level to ensure good ventilation throughout the store.  When tested to BS 476 part 22 the panels exhibit a 1 hour Fire-Rating.


Wall Cladding: The 150mm thick Fire-rated panels are fabricated from high quality resin bonded Conrock slab and are securely fixed using the tongue and groove method, for added stability, to the robust welded steel box framework.

When tested in accordance with BS 476 part 22 1987 the panels exhibit the following result:


Resistance to the passage of flames 240 mins.

Insulation on temperature 80 mins.

Stability >240 mins.


There is, therefore fire resistance to the wall construction of 80 mins.


External colour: Choice, standard Goosewing Grey.

Internal colour: Choice, standard White.


Roof Cladding: The profiled, single skin roof cladding is designed to be of a notably lighter construction than that of the wall and door panels. Therefore, in the event of an explosion within the store, the roof section is more likely to be blown upward, instead of the wall panels exploding outward, thus reducing the risk of damage to personnel and/or property.


Sealing: Full door, intumescent, elastomeric, neoprene based seals are installed to protect the Firevault and its contents from the spread of flame and heat. All seals have self-extinguishing properties in fire and are not affected by toxic fumes, dust, or weather conditions. A polypropylene brush with a central blade is also incorporated to act as weather, draught and smoke excluder. Tested to BS476 part 31.1.


Grounding: 25 x  5mm copper busbar fitted to internal walls and connected to earthing rod, supplied, allows grounding of drums and containers via grounding cables (see Optional Extras) when decanting.


Finish: Framework: All steel coated with high build Acrylic paint finish system to ISO 3233:1998.

Choice of colours. Standard: Red RAL 3020.

External: Longlife, maintenance-free plastisol (PVC) finish on wall panels. Choice of colours. Standard colour: Goosewing Grey.

Internal: White chemical resistant stelvetite (PVC) finish on internal walls.


Signage: Clear and bold Firevault, Flammable CLP and Chemstore Signage supplied as standard. Custom signage available upon request.