4 Pallet Store with Shelf for Flammables

Segregation Distances advised: for up to 1000 litres of flammable liquid, the unit needs to be placed 6 metres from occupied buildings, boundaries, process units, flammable liquid tanks of fixed ignition sources.


Flameproof rated construction
Fully bunded, tested and certified
Optional extras available


Overall Dimensions: 5980H x 1800W x 2725D mm.


Storage: 4 x 1000L IBC’s or Pallets &.36 x 30L drum.


Tare Weight: 2672Kgs.


Access: Robust three sliding doors, highly durable and fully lockable.


Sumps: Total Capacity: 2250L.

Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating over steel sump tray, fitted under lower shelf level.

Bund Test Certificates are issued with each unit.

(Capacity exceeds current Environmental guidelines, 25% of the total volume and 110% of the single largest container