Hazvault – solutions for hazardous materials

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Delivered to site fully assembled, Chemstore’s Hazvault Multi Drum storage units provide an immediate solution to the problems encountered in complying with environmental legislation while storing large quantities of drums or IBCs. The Chemstore units are available in a range of size and storage options and can be customised to suit your particular site requirements. The Hazvault range is designed as an economic solution to your storage requirements for safe storage on site.

Hazvault Features

  • Option of corrosion resistant plastic coated cladding or vandal proof 2mm welded steel sheeting
  • Construction: Robust all welded steel framework.
  • Bund/Sump: Capacity in excess of EPA guidelines.
  • Shelf Heights: 1250mm high as standard (different shelf heights available as required)
  • Floor:  Parallel bar safety racking system or galvanised grid mesh decking for small / loose container storage
  • Access: Twin sliding or hinged lockable doors.
  • Ventilation: Fully louvred side panels ensure excellent ventilation through the store.
  • Finish: 2 pack polyurethane paint system, wide range on framework (standard colour, blue ral 5017), maintenance free plastisol (PVC) finish on wallls, doors & roof (colour grey ral 7038). wide range of colour options at no extra cost.
  • Signage: Safety / warning signs fitted as std.
  • Delivered to site fully assembled
  • Wide range of options
  • Colour matched to corporate livery if required
  • Easily relocated



  • 16 Drum Chemstore

    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    Bund Capacity
    Storage Capacity
    16DSD-Walk In Store
    5900 x 1900 x 2630 mm
    2400 Litres
    2400 Litres


    16 x 200L Drums, 4 x 1000L IBC & Rear Shelf for Smalls


    3200 x 1900 x 3230 mm
    1200 Litres
    1200 Litres
    16 x 200 L Drums
    or 4 x 1000 L IBC’s


    8 Drum Chemstore

    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    Bund Capacity
    Storage Capacity
    8DSD-Walk In Store
    3200 x 1900 x 2630 mm
    600 Litres/1200 Litres for IBC’S
    8 x 205L Drums/2 x 1000L IBC’s & Rear Shelf for Smalls
    8DSD-WI 3Shelf
    3000L x 1700 x 2400 mm
    600 Litres
    At least 60 x 25L Drums


    4 Drum Safety Stores

    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    Storage Capacity
    Sump Capacity
    4DSD Walk In
    1680 x 1830 x 2530 mm
    4 x 200L + 10 x 25L
    275 litres
    4DSD 3-Shelf
    1680 x 1830 x 2530 mm
    40 x 25 litres
    275 litres