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Gasvault – solutions for compressed gases

Gasvault: Chemstore’s range of solutions for Gas Cylinder Storage

The Gasvault range of stores are specifically designed to provide a safe, ergonomic range of compliant storage solutions for gas cylinders.

  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with the BCGA (Guidance for the storage of Gas Cylinders in the workplace).
  • Full structural certification and a 10 year structural warranty available on a GasVault units.
  • All cylinders are stored upright and secured with chain restraints.
  • Open mesh panels are used to prevent accumulation of harmful / explosive gases.
  • Cylinders of incompatible gases can be stored in the same store by employing a fire rated segregation wall.
  • Empty cylinders can be segregated from full containers and are clearly labelled.
  • If stored externally, weather-proof roofing is required to protect cylinder fittings from rain water.
  • Raised flooring should also be used to protect cylinder from corrosive bases &  ground water erosion.

Gasvault Features

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Option of sliding or hinged access doors – fully lockable.
  • Mesh gates and ventilation panels ensure adequate ventilation and prevent build-up of potentially explosive gas leaks.
  • Non-slip galvanised floor & ramp
  • Firewalls supplied where required
  • Full range of sizes to suit all cylinder sizes and applications
  • All units have fixed arms and retaining chains to prevent accidents and ensure maximum use of space
  • Delivered to site fully assembled
  • Units can easily be relocated with fork trucks
  • No site works are required

  • 24GSD Gasvault
  • 48GSD Gasvault
  • 24GSD Gasvault
  • 48GSD Gasvault


    Dimensions (W x D x H)

    Storage Capacity


    4GSD  pdf-flat

    960 x 1350 x 2240 mm

    4 Cylinders

    Hinged Doors

    9GSD  pdf-flat

    1075 x 1200 x 2150 mm

    9 Cylinders

    Hinged Doors

    12GSD  pdf-flat

    1500 x 1350 x 2400 mm

    12 Cylinders

    Hinged Doors

    24GSD  pdf-flat

    2800 x 1350 x 2400 mm

    24 Cylinders

    Hinged Doors

    36GSD  pdf-flat

    4150 x 1750 x 2400 mm

    36 Cylinders

    Sliding Doors

    48GSD  pdf-flat

    5450 x 1750 x 2400 mm

    48 Cylinders

    Sliding Doors