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Chemstore Compliance (

Chemstore Compliance ( provides the most advanced software platform for the management of an organisation’s hazardous material; mitigating risk, lowering costs and guaranteeing compliance.

Comprising of a suite of modules, it provides your company with a cost-effective point of entry, coupled with a scalable architecture, enabling seamless migration to more advanced management, control and workflow functionality at any future point.

Via a QR code on the storage unit, critical information related to materials may be accessed locally or remotely through desktop, laptop or mobile devices – easily and securely.


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  • Key Features


    • Seamless management of hazardous materials on your site.
    • Instant access to key documents and information.
    • Accelerate your organisations level of compliance with major legislation such as COSHH, CLP, DSEAR regulations & HSA best practice.
    • Local or remote management through desktop, laptop or mobile devices via a QR code on each Chemstore unit.
    • A suite of scalable modules including Chemstore Library, Inventory Management, Risk Management, ER Site Maps, Inspection & Maintenance, HR & Training.
    • Access to Site Map information may be granted to emergency response teams to facilitate an efficient response in the case of an emergency or major incident.
    • Individual password-protected access using the latest security protocols (SSL).