Flammables Safety Cabinet (FPC2)

Internal Storage for UP TO 50 Litres. Storage for up to 10 x 5 litre containers.


Flame Proof  Cabinets for storage of all flammable materials, Sanitiser, Inks, Solvents, Petroleum products, etc. in garages, workshops, factory floors, etc. designed to comply with the following regulations.

  • Petroleum (consolidation) Act 1928
  • The highly flammable liquid and LPG Regulations 1972
  • The Health and Safety Executive guide HS (G) 51 1990 UK    HSE Guidance notes CS19


Flame Proof Cabinets should only be used for storing less than 50 litres of flammable materials. If more than 50 litres is to be stored, then a fire-rated cabinet must be used.


  • Features of Flame Proof Cabinets
  • Construction: Robust steel construction – Single skin
  • Finish: all cabinets are anti-rust treated and finished in a flat semi-gloss corrosion-resistant stove enamel paint finish
  • Colour: Standard colour Yellow. Other colour options upon request (surcharge)
  • Access: Double-leaf hinged doors with full-length finger pull-handles
  • Security: Key activated two-point espagnolette locking mechanism
  • Internal storage: Fully adjustable, reinforced mild steel shelves. 14 kg load capacity per shelf
  • Spillage Protection: 1 removable spillage collection tray fitted in the base of the cabinet.
  • Signage: All cabinets carry clearly visible warning signs fitted to the front doors of the cabinet according to NFPA Code 30