Head Protection

Head and Face Protection

General Purpose Safety Helmets
Manufactured from high density polyethylene, including a P.E. six point harness, the complete helmet weighs just 285 grams – certainly suited to full shift wearing. These helmets are resistant to solvents, weak acids and alkalis and can be supplied with option of ventilation holes.

Quick Release Swivel (QRS) Hood  Respirator
HT-120 Lightweight hood giving complete head, face and shoulder protection. Made in white easy to clean material. Wide view visor

Non Woven Polypropylene Bouffant Caps
Polypropylene Bouffant Caps are highly breathable and low-linting.

Economy Face Visor
Face shield with clear visor aluminium bound. Adjustable ratchet suspension. Standard:- EN 166

AirFed FaceShield
This air-fed faceshield has been especially designed for use in locations where dust particles and paint or liquid spray are part of the everyday working environment. A remote airline is connected through a belt-mounted control. Crown support and adjustable headband offer the wearer maximum comfort.

Wide vision Face Visor
The visor frame offers particularly wide fields of vision, and a ratchet action headband that allows for almost any head size.