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Free Site Assessment Report


As part of our continuous commitment to our partners, Chemstore offers a Free Site Assessment Report service. This service includes a visit by one of our highly experienced engineers who will carry out an initial inspection and risk assessment of your site. A written report is then produced with recommendations. This report will assess compliance with environmental and safety requirements for handling and storing hazardous substances under the following legislation and standards:


  • Health, Safety & Welfare at Work 2005
  • ISO 14000
  • BS 7750
  • IPC Licensing


Topics Covered:

  • Hazardous / Pollutant Material Storage
  • Hazardous / Pollutant Material Bunding & Segregation
  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Laboratory Safety – Hazmat & Gas
  • Safe Handling of Hazardous Materials
  • Safe Dispensing of Hazardous Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safety Signage Requirements
  • Training Requirements under Health, Safety & Welfare at Work Act 2005
  • Static Electricity Management for Highly Flammable Substances
  • Waste Streams, Safe Materials & Storage


Health, Safety & Environmental Audit


We offer a complete and detailed audit of your company’s premises and work practices to ensure you are operating compliant practices with current and proposed legislation. Health, Safety and Environmental audits are conducted on a scorecard basis which gives our partners a benchmarking system that makes sense to all managers who in turn can implement Health, Safety and Environmental targets. Our consultants will give you a complete and objective Non-Compliant Report relating to every feature of your business. The Non-Compliant Report will prioritise immediate breaches of existing legislation and guidelines.


This process involves the following stages:


  • Complete site survey of our partners work areas, work practices, storage and transportation methods
  • Digital photographs to set risk levels of non compliant aspects
  • Consultation with the management about immediate high risk aspects which need immediate attention
  • The implementation of better Health, Safety and Environmental practices
  • The non-compliant report is reviewed to examine the progress made by our partners at predetermined intervals


Chemstore Compliance (


Upon receiving your Chemstore unit on site you will be automatically issued with login details for your new Chempli account which has been created to manage your product documentation including:


  • Certificates of Conformity
  • Bund Test Certs
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual
  • Maintenance Agreement


All these critical documents are instantly available to you by simply scanning the QR code

on your Chemstore or by logging on to to get started with your new Compliance Management System.


Chemstore compliance explained chempli


You will be issued with your Chempli Starter Pack upon receipt of your Chemstore unit on site.

The Chempli system offers you so much more!


See full instructions on how to access your key documentation here


Phase two provides the following modules:

  • Chemical & Equipment Inventory Management
  • Interactive Emergency Response Site Map
  • HR & Training Module enabling you with full control on personnel safety and authorisation.
  • Risk Management
  • Access to expert analysis reports via the Chempli Knowledge Store.


Simply put, The Chempli platform provides you with a ready to go system which guarantees your compliance with H&S legislation, saves you time and keeps you prepared for any emergency or audit.

Keep your facility and colleagues safe from the risks posed by Hazardous Materials.


Chemstore Compliance Chempli modules


“Enabling Regulatory Compliance in a user friendly, complete, software solution provided by the experts in Hazardous Materials Management”


Bund Repair & Testing


Bulk tanks for storing fuel, oil and chemicals often pose the greatest spillage risk on site. The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations 2001 requires secure tanks and bunding of 110% of the capacity of the bulk tank to contain a spill should it occur.


The Environmental Protection Agency’s Pollution Guideline PPG2 recommends that bulk storage tanks should consist of:


  • Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Base and walls impermeable to water and oil
  • Any fill or draw off pipe should be located within the bund or, if not, adequately protected by secondary containment


Our Bund Repair & Testing service involves:


  • Visual inspection of bund
  • Hydro Static bund test in accordance with legislation
  • Bund Fault Report, if necessary
  • Bund repairs
  • Full certificate of bund
  • Inspection and testing in accordance with EPA document: “Storage and Transfer of Materials for Scheduled Activities “


Common Problems with Bunds:


  • Damaged Wall
  • Pipe existing through bund wall
  • Oil penetration through wall
  • Plant life in bund


Spill Kit Management Systems


Chemstore Environmental provides a quality management system for our Spill Kit & Spillage Response requirements. We implement our management system through these following procedures:


  • Complete a comprehensive map of our clients’ site
  • Install Spill Kits in all the perceived “hot spots” of the site
  • Install dispenser Spill Kits in all the appropriate work places
  • Regular planned visits by our expert HSE consultants
  • Automatic replenishment of all types of Spill Kits


Reference Sites & Clients


Please click here to view reference projects and case studies


Training – On Site Specialists


Chemstore environmental offers a complete range of on site training programmes which can be customised to suit any company requests. Our training courses allow persons of responsibility (managers, directors & operators) to comply with the most recent legislative developments including the most recent Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. Our services ensure minimal downtime for the client company as we will travel to any location required. Customised training is available which will address the specific risks on the site.

Chemstore Environmental has grown from a regional manufacturer of bunded safety storage equipment to international specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of a complete range of environmental products and services. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality customised solutions to all our partners in Ireland, the U.K. and worldwide.


Hazardous Chemical Awareness Training


We offer a structured informative programme to employees on the topic of hazardous chemical awareness.


Core Modules:

  • Different types of chemicals
  • The effects of these chemicals
  • How to handle chemicals safely
  • Chemical signage
  • Procedures for chemical accidents


Course Objectives:

  • Importance of safe chemical handling
  • Legal requirements
  • Awareness of chemical signage
  • Identify hot spots on your site


Spill Response Training


Our expert consultants will offer their knowledge on the importance of safe and effective spillage control.


Core Modules

  • Spill preparation
  • Spill response
  • Spill clean-up
  • The benefits of safe spill management


Course objectives include:

  • Legal requirements
  • Ability to review the efficacy of a spill response procedure
  • Develop practical skills in chemical spill response


Personal Protective Equipment Training


Introduction into the use of PPE for personnel dealing with hazardous materials.


Core Modules

  • Common PPE
  • Hazard Control
  • Responsibilities of employees & management
  • Safety tips & information on various types of PPE


Course Objectives

  • Importance of PPE
  • Limitations of PPE as a hazard control method
  • Importance of inspection and maintenance of PPE
  • Introduction on selection and usage of PPE
  • Legal requirements of PPE


PPE Personal Protective Equipment Symbols


About Us


CMS Chemstore Engineering Ltd. is a family led SME based in Limerick, Ireland. The company was founded in February 1993 and will be commencing its 27th successful year in business in 2020.

Chemstore as an organisation enables our clients to create a safer workplace for their employees. We provide an all-encompassing range of tried and tested products & services designed to eliminate the risks with hazardous material storage and handling on site.

All our manufacturing of highly certified modules for the storage of various classes of hazardous materials & critical equipment is undertaken in Ireland and our quality standards are what make Chemstore the market leading provider of safety solutions.

We’ve achieved that distinction through best practice, faultless service and trusted products.


Chemstore Core Values & Goals


Chemstore ISO Firevault Values


We firmly believe that every employee should feel safe in the workplace.

Every person who goes to work each day expects to complete their shift without succumbing to harm. At Chemstore we know for this to be possible in industrial environments, every employee should know exactly what hazards exist in their workplace and the knowledge to best manage these risks.

Our ultimate goal as an organisation is to eliminate the risks when storing and handling hazardous materials. Chemstore as an organisation wants all our valued clients to feel that you have created a safer workplace for your employees and instil a pride in your company that it is a safe place to work.


Chemstore Cares More


We’ve been designing, manufacturing and installing safe storage solutions for over 27 years and we know that our products are only half of the story. We take pride in building long standing relationships and on providing the best possible advice, based on a thorough understanding of our customers’ business needs. With us, you’re in safe hands.


For us, safety can only be achieved through quality. It’s a standard that everyone at Chemstore strives for, and it runs through everything we do. So we always aim to provide high quality products, on time, with excellent service. To guarantee we are maintaining that level of service we’re committed to listening to our customers and acting on their valuable feedback.


We are certified to the internationally recognised ISO 9001: 2015 quality management standard and we’re constantly trying to improve our service to you whenever we can. Our employees are encouraged to suggest better, safer ways of working and we believe in maintaining transparent business processes. It’s a way of working that takes commitment, investment and long-term vision, but the results and changes we make for our clients is the reassurance that makes it all worth the effort.


A key strength of Chemstore throughout its history has been anticipating and responding to the needs of the marketplace. By actively pursuing an innovative product development strategy we are positioned to deliver real benefits to our customers now and into the future.

Please watch our corporate introduction by clicking the icon below:

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Maintaining your Chemstore


Annual Service


A 10-year structural warranty for all Chemstore units is available subject to an annual inspection

performed by one of our site engineers.


A Chemstore Maintenance Engineer will travel to your site once yearly, carry out full inspection and forward a detailed report which will be issued through our Chempli system.


This service will enjoy the following benefits:


  • Once yearly Full Technical Inspection of Chemstore Unit.
  • Receipt of detailed Engineers Service Reports for records and Insurance Reports.
  • Assurance that your storage facility is adhering to H&S standards.
  • Advice on best practice for storage and handling of highly flammable and hazardous liquids.
  • Full advantages of a Preventative Maintenance Programme.


Annual Inspection & Maintenance Contract


The first-year inspection is included free of charge.

Travel to site once yearly, carry out full inspection and forward detailed report.

Carry out a full bund integrity test and forward detailed report on third year (EPA requirement)


The detailed technical Inspection of your Chemstore will be carried out under the following headings:



Best Storage Practice


Anti-static grounding



Inspect and clean filters and casings



Check operation

Replace consumables


Electrical Fittings

Operation of units

Clean relevant filters and casings

Condition and safety of wiring

Replacement of consumables



Door locks / handles

Door closer mechanisms



Condition of seals

Integrity of cladding panels


Surface Finish

Damaged panels if evident

Condition of paintwork


Full details of your maintenance agreement will be shared upon placement of order.


User Instruction & Chemstore Unit Maintenance




This instruction manual is an integral part of the store

The instructions contained in this manual should be carefully read as it provides important information regarding the safe use and maintenance of this store.


Initial Setup


Note: Upon receiving this store an initial inspection should be carried out for external damage or defects during transportation. Please check the following:


  • Check the operation of the doors and ensure they are opening and closing properly.
  • Visual check for any marks or defects on the cladding. 
  • Check the integrity of the door and air vent seals.
  • Ensure correct signage is displayed on the store. 
  • Ensure that keys are securely held, and access is restricted to authorised personnel only.


Moving or relocating the Chemstore


The Chemstore safety store is a highly engineered piece of safety equipment designed for the safe storage for highly hazardous materials and should only be moved or relocated by trained and authorised experts. Chemstore can offer this relocating service, for full details please contact our main office on Tel: 061 327792 or email


  • The Chemstore is supplied with fork truck lifting guides and crane lifting lugs. 
  • To prevent damage or corrosion to the store, lifting operations should only be carried out by trained professionals.



To maintain all the vital engineered safety features of the Chemstore an annual service must be completed, and the Service Log updated.


After the delivery of the Chemstore, it must be checked for external damage or defects. Also, maintenance checks must take place daily, monthly and annually and after any changes or repairs have been made.


Daily check


  • Spilt liquids are to be taken out immediately and disposed of properly. They present a serious fire risk. 
  • Check the Chemstore regularly for mechanical damage, contamination and corrosion.


Monthly check


The monthly check to be carried out includes the following points:


  • Door closing: Open the door and check the correct closing. 
  • Ventilation: ensure the air vents are free from blockages or obstructed.


Chemstore service bund legislation


Safety Instructions


Standard national rules and regulations for handling dangerous substances must be followed at all times. The following safety instructions must be adhered to at all times:


  • The Safety Store and accessories must be used only in proper condition. 
  • The Safety Store must only be used in the safety store only after thorough instruction.
  • Unauthorised personnel are not allowed access.
  • The sliding path of the doors must always be clear. Leakage of dangerous substances must be removed immediately. 
  • The radius or sliding path or doorways must be kept clear at all times. 
  • The sump, which complies with EPA requirements, must have a minimum collecting volume of 25% of all containers stored, or at least 110% of the volume of the single largest individual container, whichever is greater.
  • Make sure that the technical and safety checks of the store are performed only by authorised experts. 
  • Moving or relocating the Safety Store must be carried out by trained and authorised experts to ensure the integrity of the store is kept at all times. 
  • A 10-year structural warranty for this Store is offered only subject to an annual inspection performed by skilled engineers.