Auto Drum Rinse

Auto Drum Rinse

The Auto Drum Rinse is a top loading self contained unit for automatic Triple Rinsing up to 4 plastic chemical drums at a time, ranging in size from 5 litres to 25 litres.

Simple and cost effective system to Triple Rinse drums, barrels and IBC tansk. 

See below a few testimonials on our Auto Drum Rinse:

“For the past six years we have used the Auto Drum Rinse system to effectively transform our waste plastic drums, barrels and IBC tanks from a hazardous waste to recyclable plastic. This solidly constructed machine has proven to be a long lasting, reliable and low maintenance workhorse.”
Sean Pender, Services Manager (Kerry Food Ingredients,Listowel, Co. Kerry)


Auto Drum Rinse 1

Auto Chemical Drum Rinse 1

We saved over €150,000 in hazardous waste disposal charges in two years since installing an Auto Drum Rinse machine and transformed 17,000 drums from hazardous waste to a valuable recyclable product.  The machine paid for itself within the first six months of operation.”
Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company.

“We have been using the Auto Drum Rinse machine at our facility in Cork for two years, the equipment has been totally reliable and has been a great addition to our recycling operation, it has increased the efficiency of our drum rinsing process, reducing quantities of rinse water required while ensuring drums are clean for subsequent recycling”.
John O’Driscoll (HSE Manager), PepsiCo Ireland, Cork


The Auto Drum Rinse complies with the latest technical, legal and environmental legislations.



  • Comply with regulations safely and effectively.
  • Minimise water usage.
  • Labour saving.
  • Consistent repeatable performance.
  • Low power usage: only 1.5Kw
  • Simple intuitive operator controls.
  • Customisable to your own specifications.

The Auto Drum Rinse is ideal for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Industries that constantly use plastic containers of water based content.

The Triple Rinse System is the internationally recognized method of rinsing nominally empty plastic chemical drums.


Customise your programs in seconds

  • Simple intuitive on screen adjustments.
  • Adjust to minimize water usage.
  • Fine tune the settings and get it just right for your conditions.
  • The Barrel and IBC Rinse attachments are also controlled from here.


The Auto Drum Rinse machine can be expanded to rinse Barrels and IBC tanks.

The Barrel Rinse attachment plugs in to the Auto Drum Rinse machine and allows you to safely and efficiently rinse empty 200 litre barrels. This attachment has a safety feature that will prevent it from starting when there is no barrel over the cleaning nozzle.

Auto Drum Rinse 2

Auto Chemical Drum Rinse 2

The IBC Tank Rinse attachment also plugs into the Auto Drum Rinse machine. It will triple rinse IBC tanks safely, quickly and economically.

This attachment has a high quality 360 degree spinning cleaning nozzle. It also has a safety feature that prevents it from being switched on when the nozzle is not inserted into a IBC tank.

Auto Drum Rinse 3

Auto Chemical Drum Rinse 2




  • The Auto Drum Rinse is designed and built to relevant standards and is CE certified.
  • Patent pending.
  • EU 3D Design right Protected.
  • Specification can change without notice.


      Operation and function 

  • Top loading self contained unit for automatic triple rinsing of nominally empty chemical drums.
  • Rinse up to 4 drums together.
  • Cleaning probes extend vertically into drums.
  • The jets are 360 degrees reactionary force spinning jets.
  • Operating pressure 1 to 3 bar.
  • Rinsing cycle time: adjustable.
  • Number of cycle repeats: adjustable.
  • Water consumption depends on cycle times selected by the operator.
  • 230V electric with 24V controls.
  • Power consumption: 1.5kw.  


Materials and dimensions 

  • All stainless steel construction to withstand corrosion and environmental affects.
  • 1500 (W) x 1000 (D) x 1100 (H) mm



  • 250 litre water holding tank with ball-cock and low water level system shut down.
  • On board centrifugal 1.47Kw water pump.
  • Max. pressure 4 bar.
  • Max. flow 150 litres per minute.
  • Water discharge pipe at back.
  • Adjustable legs. 



  • The cycle times are programmable on console.
  • The system can be customized for your particular plant water and drainage needs.
  • 200 litre Barrel and IBC rinse extensions available.
  • It can be extended to create a modular bigger solution if required.
  • Chemical injection system available.
  • On board electric water heater available.
  • Sump pump out system.