Corrosive IBC Store – 64 DSD Corvault – Case Study

Corrosive IBC Store – Corvault with Roller Racking

The client was restricted with the final position for the units. This only allowed access to the units from one side. With this in mind double depth, corrosive IBC store units with roller racking systems in a 64 DSD Corvault were proposed. 

The result for the was 2 identical purpose-built units which fitted perfectly into the required space. These units allowed for the client to store all the materials in a neat tidy format. The stores also reduced the client’s risk of accidental spillage due to an impact from forklift trucks etc. 

The delivery of the Corvault units was fully supervised by ChemstoreThe units were positioned & secured in their final position by Chemstore Engineers.

Corrosive IBC Store Corvault logo white

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The client had requirement to store IBC of waste materials prior to collection.
A site visit was requested by the client to explore the options available to store the materials.
Also to identify the best area to position the units within plant.

Our Design Engineering Declan O’Connor attended site.   

walkthrough was carried out with the client. The typical items to be stored in the unit were identified &  a number of areas the units could be positioned were identified.

Flatpack store for Craigavon Hospital – Chemical Treatment Services Ltd.

Corvault – solutions for aggressive liquids & corrosives

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Manufactured by Chemstore, Corvault provides a safe and compliant solution for the storage of your complete range of aggressive liquids and corrosive materials.

The Corvault range scales from entry level reach in storage solutions for small drums and modular walk-in units for IBC’s and larger containers right up to bespoke design Warehouse for housing corrosives on site.

Backed by a 10 year structural guarantee each Corvault system may be combined with an extensive range of optional accessories to suit individual requirements and specific applications.


Key Features:

  • Full height ventilated louvers to ensure maximum airflow inside the store
  • Finished with 2 pack anti corrosive polyurethane paint system designed to resist chemical attack.
  • Innovative design with tested and certified polyethylene sumps for optimal corrosion resistance.
  • Full width spillage collection sumps.
  • Robust fixed or modular shelving.
  • 10 Year Structural Guarantee.
  • Powered ventilation, lighting and heating options.
  • Compact walk in stores and larger solutions for palletised loads, large containers and IBC’s
  • Reference Gallery for example Corvault units manufactured by Chemstore.