Hand Sanitiser, Are you aware of the Fire Risks?

The outbreak of The COVID 19 pandemic has shaken global society. All aspects of life are affected, and containing the spread of the virus during, and post lockdown is now the main priority. Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser are quickly becoming the norm.

We are all working to reduce the risk of further outbreaks of the virus and public safety is a priority.

The health of our economy also poses a considerable risk, and we need as a society to ensure that the country gets back on its feet to maintain jobs and income while sticking to the guidelines.


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We are all familiar with the guidelines issued by the government and as we enter the latter stages of restriction lifting, and more businesses and schools prepare to reopen.

It is now more critical than ever that we consider all the risks and spend time carrying out assessments regularly.

Hand Sanitiser consumption and demand has exploded over the last few months since the outbreak, and most workplaces across the country are installing sanitising means for employees and customers which is a very positive step for hygiene reducing the spread of the virus.

As schools, hospitals, creches, and all other businesses introduce new requirements, including the use of hand sanitiser, there is a need to recognise the fire risk storing hand sanitiser in bulk creates.

We have already had numerous companies contact us regarding bulk storage of this product and looking for advice.

What is Hand Sanitiser made from?

Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser is predominantly manufactured using Alcohol and Triethanolamine. The product ranges from 60 – 80% alcohol and by its nature is a highly flammable liquid and an eye and skin irritant

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Pure Alcohol has a flashpoint of 13 degrees, and Sanistiser with concentrations of 70% alcohol can be as low as 15 degrees which creates a serious fire hazard if storing the product in bulk on your premises.

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Storage Guidelines

As with any flammable liquid, it is essential when storing bulk quantities that adequate safety measures are taken.

Flammable materials must not be stored near exits, electrical equipment or heating equipment. They should always be stored in a separate, well-ventilated storage area, away from potential sources of ignition. If the material is removed from its original container, it must be placed into a container that is appropriate for flammable materials.

We recommend storing flammable Hand Santiser in a certified safety cabinet or with bulk quantities above 1000 Litres in an external store that is bunded and has a certified Fire Resistance.

For specialist advice for how to safely handle and store Hand Sanitiser please contact Chemstore today for a free no obligations site assessment or to discuss your specific concerns.

3.0 Flamstore: Walk-In Store for Flammables

External Storage for a bulk quantity of Hand Sanitiser (Non Fire Rated).

Segregation Distances advised: for up to 1000 litres of flammable liquid, the unit can be placed within 2 metres from occupied buildings, boundaries, process units, flammable liquid tanks of fixed ignition sources.


Sanitiser Store 3.0


Overall dimensions: 3,000L x 2,000W x 2,300H mm


Access: Single hinged door on the short side of the unit. Fully key-lockable.

Doors are fully lockable.

Storage: 2 no. 500 mm shelves on the internal side and rear walls of the unit


Sumps: Corrosion resistant steel sump tray fitted under floor level. Total Capacity: 1,000L (exceeds current Environmental guidelines, 25% of the total volume and 110% of the single largest volume).


Bund Test Certificates are issued with each unit.


Flooring: Shelves and floor finished with fully galvanised grid decking for storage of loose containers.


Ventilation: Aluminium louvres at high and low level ensure proper ventilation throughout to prevent a build-up of harmful flammable vapours.


Finish: All steel coated with 2 pack anti-corrosive epoxy paint system. Standard colour: RED


Lifting: Unit is fitted with forklift channels and roof-fixed crane lifting points to allow for easy unloading and relocation if required.


Signage: Flammable CLP Signage fitted as standard