Maskeeper – Mask Storage Device

  • Temporary storage for surgical and face masks.
  • Small size and light.


With the outbreak of corona-virus, surgical masks become crucial equipment for everyone’s health. Unfortunately, surgical masks are currently in short supply due to the large demand on a global scale. To extend the life of surgical masks, many will keep them in clean envelopes, preservation bags or plastic folders when they are not in use. For envelopes and preservation bags, they are one-off objects that are not sustainable. And for plastic folders, cleaning is not easy.  On the other hand, most people will casually put their masks on the table or inside their pockets, which expose the masks with the air that increases the chance of getting polluted.

To solve the pain point, the Maskeeper was developed for temporarily store surgical mask easily. Moreover, it is sustainable and it can be easily cleaned to be reused.