KN95 Face Masks

KN95 face masks.

Lightweight Design with Adjustable Nose Clip and Elastic Straps, the KN95 Mask fits any face shape, create a 360-degree secure seal for maximum protection.

The KN95 mask efficiently filters 0.3 Microns MPPS > 95% of airborne particles and provides protection against fine dust, solid and liquid particles. Suitable for home and professional use. The KN95 mask is used by medical staff in intensive care settings in Ireland but recent recommendations suggest wider use should be undertaken.

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Maskeeper – Mask Storage Device

  • Temporary storage for surgical and face masks.
  • Small size and light.


With the outbreak of corona-virus, surgical masks become crucial equipment for everyone’s health. Unfortunately, surgical masks are currently in short supply due to the large demand on a global scale. To extend the life of surgical masks, many will keep them in clean envelopes, preservation bags or plastic folders when they are not in use. For envelopes and preservation bags, they are one-off objects that are not sustainable. And for plastic folders, cleaning is not easy.  On the other hand, most people will casually put their masks on the table or inside their pockets, which expose the masks with the air that increases the chance of getting polluted.

To solve the pain point, the Maskeeper was developed for temporarily store surgical mask easily. Moreover, it is sustainable and it can be easily cleaned to be reused.

Reusable Face Masks

Chemstore Reusable Face Masks with Valve.

-Each Mask supplied with three reusable filters.

-CE Certified (Certificate Below).

-EN1492001 + A1 2009. CE standards: EN 149:2001+A1:2009

-Supplied in Black & Red Colour.

EN149 Safety Rating

Disposable Face Masks

Disposable Medical Sanitary Surgical Face Masks with Elastic Earloops



-Nose clip, spandex ear-loop

-Colour: White/blue/green/black or others


-BFE 95%/99%


Disposable Safety Gloves

Hand Protection

Disposable Safety Gloves
Lightly Powdered & Powder Free Nitrile Gloves that provide excellent resistance against abrasions, cuts, solvent, oils and greases. 100 Gloves per pack.

Quality Signs & Certificates
G 10
D 5250
89/686/EEC, 93/42/EWG
ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, CMDCAS 13485 (SGS)
EN 455 1-4
EN 420 : 2003 + A 1 : 2009
EN 374 2-3, EN 388
EN 1186: Food Contact Approved (SGS)


Protective Suits



Chemical Microporous Coverall

Microporous fabric provides soft and flexible fitting wearing.
Seams with high protection of particulates and low level of liquid sprays or splashes.

– Microporous fabric in 3 different gsm for Standard, Heavy duty and light-weight choices.

– with hood and elasticated face opening/wrist/ankles

– available for knitted cuffs, thumb loops, and reflective tape

– anti-static treatment

– white AND blue colours available


Protection Level

CE Cat. III, Type 5B, 6B

Product use

·  201906141733335377230(001) Biological hazards and infective agents

–  Painting and dustproof

·  Industrial cleaning

·  Emergency services

·  Industrial pharmaceutical manufacturing

–  Agriculture and veterinary service





FFP2 Respirators

FFP2 Valved Disposable Respirator

CE standards: EN 149:2001+A1:2009

EN 149 2001+A1:2009 KN95 Symobol

FFP2 (KN95) rated protection level


-Acupuncture cotton +Filter+PP

-Plastic/Metal nose clip, spandex ear-loop

-Colour: White

-Customized labelling and packaging

-Simple, comfortable cup design shaped to fit user’s face

Transport & Dispensing Safety Cans

For Storage and Handling of Highly Flammable Liquids

All Safety Cans Fitted with Integral Flame Arrestors

  •  UN approved for transport of highly flammable liquids *UN: 1A1/Y1.2/100)
  • 2 Spring loaded openings
  • Flexible pouring hose
  • Roll bars protect opening mechanisms

Steel Safety Cans for Flammables

Steel Safety Cans – Single Spout

All Safety Cans Fitted with Integral Flame Arrestors

  • Terne plate steel construction 
  • FM, UL, ULC, approved 
  • Red powder coat paint finish 
  • Integral flame arrestor 
  • Spring loaded pressure relief cap 
  • Trigger operation on cans up to 1 gallon with swing handle on larger cans

Flammable Safety Bins

Flammable Safety Bins

Safety Bin for Solvent Wipes

  • FM & UL approved
  • Essential for solvent soaked cloths, swabs and rags
  • Auto-closing base promotes air circulation and prevents spontaneous combustion
  • Optional pedal operation

Self-Extinguishing Refuse Bins

  • Curved design of bin top directs smoke and gases downwards to extinguish any fire which may start in the bin
  • UL and FM approved
  • Painted steel body with brushed aluminium cover