REACH 2018 – Chemical companies must make May 2018 deadline

The European Chemicals Agency have notably put a push this month on all chemical manufacturing companies and indeed organisations who are currently importing chemicals from outside the EU that the May 2018 deadline for REACH (Regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is fast approaching.

Organisations that currently have chemicals they manufacture in quantities greater than 1 tonne or indeed import the same quantities from outside the European union are being urged to roll out their preparations now.

Registration Dossier (SIEF Groups)

As part of the new requirements under REACH you are now required to submit your registration dossier to the ECHA detailing the notable chemicals in your process. As part of the process it is proposed that all companies working with the same substances should work together in a newly created SIEF group. In the SIEF groups a lead registrant will be appointed on behalf of all the members, who will submit a lead registrant dossier which then must be adhered to by all members of each individual group.

The HSA in Ireland is advising all companies to begin the registration process sooner rather than later as data sharing negotiations within the SIEF groups is projected to take some time.

Full details on the 31/05/2018 dealine are available on the ECHA website via the following link: